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Self-Proclaimed Gods

By: Heather Dail

What does it feel like to be a god?

To be master of chains, wielder of whips and locks,

ruler of a Kingdom with billions of souls.

How does it feel to rule your subjects?

With dominion in one hand and flesh, the other?

How does the flesh of those below you taste?

Do you feel their power course through your veins as you feed?

Tell me their cries feed your power.

What power made one species God over a million others?

What benevolent subjects you rule,

submitting to your every will with open arms—

their flesh they willingly concede.

Come, take us, they plead.

Let us eat them, wear them, dance with them, study them,

live with them, sport with them, hunt them, test them,

bury them, deep within our bodies—

flesh of my flesh, I devour you as my own.

Yield to me and you will receive all the nothings in the world.

But become like me and I will show you what it is to be a god.

Heather is an English Instructor at the University of South Alabama where she is the faculty adviser of an animal rights student organization. She is an animal rights activist and friend to all animals.

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