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Lessons Learned from Coyotes

By: Gayle Haynes

I saw two coyotes in the pasture yesterday.

They saw me first, and stopped 

to watch with questioning amber eyes,

Then turned and trotted silently away.


I regretted insufficient light.

It was early, the sun not risen.

Thread bare fields swallowed them up.

Their forms faded quickly from my sight.


I could not guess their destination

Or follow to find their winter den. 

They were a part of another world

beyond the scope of exploration.


Howling memories sneak through the fence

Like coyotes, who lurk about the yard.

Their delicate presence recalls another world

Beyond the scope of sense. 

Gayle and her husband of 51 years raised 6 children and worked in the Texas Prison System for 10 years as an Associate Clinical Psychologist. Now Gayle writes for joy.  This poem was first published in the Journal published by the English department of the University of Texas at Tyler in 2008.

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