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Exotic Bird


Thriveni Mysore

Colorful feathers, best of one’s sight

cheerful bird having access to


No need to fly in search of



crystal clear water,

fruits, greens, carrots

cut to tiny bits, served fresh

each day, every day,

No need to fly

in search of food for the day.


mate – brought

from homeland,

thrust to her for life

without ceremony or

chance to test him Nature’s way,

No need to fly in search of

mate for any season.


Metal wired nest

no fear of breakage

from gusty wind, gale or storm

droppings cleared away too,

No need to fly

in search of twigs, cotton-fluff.


Wings that shall never

take her high,

instincts long dead in heart,

She –an exotic lovely bird

caged, fed, and taken care of by man.

No need to fly.

Thriveni C Mysore is a science teacher from Karnataka. She loves Philosophy and loves to read, write and review nature poetry and nature writing.

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